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Oboise Releases First Album 'New Beginning.'

The wait is finally over! New Beginning is the first ever album by Oboise. After a lengthy five months of creating and working on the album, it was finally released on 13 February, 2018. The album was created as a result of a very distressing period in his life. Around August 2017, he began to lose the will to continue music, he lost all motivation and started to question the whole reason he started music. He had to face a series of challenges and could not find the cause nor the solution for it, even at the time of creating the album. Oboise had a couple of friends who tried to empathize with him, gave him advice and tried to get him back on track but unfortunately, nothing seemed to be of any help at the point. The birth of the album took place after he discovered Wretch 32’s album, FR32, one day. Wretch 32’s music did not solve all the issues Oboise was facing, however, it did give him that little inspiration that he had been desperately searching for. After having the album on repeat for most of that day, Oboise finally decided that he was ready to get back into making music. He wanted to create something of his own showing people a different style and sound that they had never heard from him before and he truly felt like this is exactly what he accomplished. Although it may not be so obvious to some, most of the songs on the album, New Beginning, were written based on things he had either gone through personally or experienced. He tried his best to portray his personal stories and experiences in the most captivating and entertaining way possible. In order for him to achieve this, he had to carefully pick out which artists he felt could best help him reach this goal. Despite the fact that Wretch 32 was the sole inspiration behind the making of the album, some of Oboise’s other tracks were inspired by Stormzy, Chip, Krept and Konan, Ghetts, and Cadet. Pearly Gates is not only Oboise’s first song recorded with a choir, but it is also the first with a gospel/church sound to it. In this track, he subtly covers the problems faced as from August 2017 and how he wishes to make it up to the Pearly Gates when his time has finally come. Did Me Wrong, being his first afro-pop song, is one that is not made to bash ex’s but rather, made so the artists can be the voice of the listeners and express their thoughts and feelings about certain ex’s we have probably all had. These roles were perfectly executed by the artists Davy Sage and Outré on the track. Good Girl ft. Jkells and Zweii was the track chosen to be the single to introduce the album. Being yet another track with a completely new sound, Good Girl is made as a follow up to Did Me Wrong. The artists’ focal point in this track is moving on from forgotten people and putting their attention and interest in someone new. Beautiful features Victor and D4WN. D4WN made his first appearance with Oboise in the song Blessed - The Journey EP. They then went onto making an EP together titled The Return. On the track Beautiful, Oboise combines the different stories told to him by many females and displays it as one. Told in a third person perspective, he takes us on a trip into the minds of the individuals who have, or are still currently facing the issue. New Beginning is the most heartfelt track on the album. The artist shows the purest form of sincerity as he gives us the story behind the album which involves him openly talking about his personal life to the listeners. The only other time we have heard him do anything as genuine as this was on My Life - The Journey EP. A quick listen through the album, and we can tell that it consists of new sounds, new styles, and new artists. This is just one of the many other reasons the album was named New Beginning.

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