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Ajose Releases Follow-up Song

You probably remember Ajose’s song ‘Drop It’ which was his debut single that shot up the Canadian music Afrobeat chart earlier this summer.

Well he just released a follow up to that big hit. The new song is called ‘Down Town’. Produced by super producer Mixedbyprosper. You can check it out by simply clicking on the below YouTube video link and enjoy!

The singer-songwriter said that the process of making Down Town was effortless. "My engineer Mixedbyprosper called me at about 4AM back in January when it was still cold as f$ck. He told me he has these melodies and that we need to write on it. I was just inspired by the winter weather and got up, we went to the studio at about 4:30AM and in less than 2 hours we wrote Down Town."

He also, described Down Town as "the anecdote that address the insecurities of a lover, despite the glaring perfection. The melodious instrumentation and lyrics awakens the mind to a place of rest and self reflection. Downtowns are usually known to be a place of fun, excitement and enjoyment and this time, your ears can feel what your eyes sees."

So we want to know, what do you think of Ajose's new song? Are you excited to hear new music from this young musician? Let us know in the below comment section. You can stay-up-to-date with Ajose on Twitter - @ajosemusic Instagram - @ajosemusic Snapchat - @davhidjose and Facebook - @ajose

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