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1 on 1 coaching

If you want to learn song mixing & mastering, we offer private lessons, tailored to your needs and progress. 


  •  1 on 1 Skype or Zoom call with screen sharing.

  • Information on Recording, Mixing and mastering your music. 

  • Topics: Song mixing to mastering breakdown. In depth mixing - Fine tuning, correcting phase problems, gating, deEssing, understanding and using compressor, EQs (subtractive & additive EQing), effects such as delays, reverbs properly. Busses routing and applications. Using automation and parallel effects.

  • Send your Pro Tools or Logic Pro X session and I can go through a live mix critique to show you where you can improve.

  • The goal of this coaching lesson, is for you to be able to record, edit, mix and master your song to professional quality. You will also learn the business side of music in collecting your royalties through distribution and music licensing and I will teach you how to upload and register your song/songs properly to streaming platforms for you to be able to get paid. 

1 ON 1 (30 MINUTES)




Online Coaching
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